Amazon PPC Services

Amazon is one of the largest eCommerce platforms that is currently serving millions of customers globally. It is a global option that is serving different countries of the world with the best local and branded products.

Amazon not only provides endless options to the customers only but is also a wonderful platform for a person to initiate a business. Amazon offers users the freedom of both buying and selling their products and services effortlessly. If you have ever sold any of your products or services on Amazon, the chances are quite higher than you have heard about the term Amazon pay-per-click advertising. 

The Amazon PPC is amazingly helping the Amazon FBA businesses without any issues. If you are eager to know what Amazon PPC is and how it works. This guide is going to be a great help for you. 

Selling up any services on Amazon is not as easy as it seems to be. The marketplace is full of a wide range of services and that boosts the competition level as well. Amazon PPC aims to provide better results than the one being done with organic amazon search results. Where the organic search results bring you sales coming from the algorithms being used by the search engines the Amazon PPC is a paid option that helps in bringing up sales coming from the advertisements. 

The guide we are providing you below will help you in establishing successful Amazon pay-per-click campaigns and taking your business to the next level successfully.

What is our expertise?

Whether it is online or offline, selling up any product or service in this competitive world is not that easy and one needs to put on even more effort if he or she is a newbie. It is regardless of how successful they have become these days. It has emerged as one of the most powerful and amazing eCommerce platforms that offer users the freedom of buying and selling their products at convenient pricing.

Amazon has emerged as a greater resource for all businesses today. The majority of the brands, local businesses, and other services are providing their services here effortlessly. But do you think running up a business successfully on amazon is that easy to go?

Surely not.

One needs to take the help of an expert to go beyond the world of opportunities. We are here serving as one of the leading digital marketing companies in the marketplace who are providing its absolute services to the customers for more than 6+ years. We are having 6+ experience in providing services like SEO & PPC. We have a huge list of happy customers globally. 

We know how important a business is to an entrepreneur and that’s why we are here with the absolute services that can help them in growing further with it. We have a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who go through every single requirement of our customers and then try to provide them services accordingly. It’s not the size of the business that matters to us, it’s our customers who are more precious to us. 

The goal of Amazon PPC

Goal of PPC

Amazon PPC is an advertising platform that helps users in creating sellers’ ad campaigns for boosting their sales on Amazon. Whenever a shopper clicks on the ads being run over there the advertisers have to pay a fee here for running ads on Amazon. Amazon PPC has successfully run a powerful marketing channel on Amazon. Running ads on Amazon helps sellers and vendors to increase the visibility of their products at Amazon’s top search result options.

Amazon PPC gives the organizations the opportunity of placing different ads in front of individuals and businesses. It is a pay-to-play bidding platform that rewards companies who are willing to pay more and dedicate even more time for better ad placement and enhanced performance. A successful Amazon PPC campaign can help businesses in boosting up their sales effectively. It not only improves the organic visibility of your product but also helps in motivating the customers for making potential sales. 

How does Amazon PPC work?

It is always advised to go through the working of Amazon PPC in detail before you initiate with it. It is the best possible thing one could do for enabling successful business in this wonderful marketplace. To make it much more convenient for our readers, we are here going to provide you step by step with a detailed process related to how Amazon PPC works. The process we are going to provide below is in concern with an example where a customer is looking forward to a “Ladies Handbag”.

  • The shopper launches the Amazon marketplace and searches for “Ladies Handbag” over here.
  • Amazon complies with all of the relevant ads while targeting that keyword i.e. “Ladies Handbag”.
  • The ad with the highest bid wins the auction usually.
  • Amazon displays the winning ad on your home screen.
  • Once done, the shopper will click on the winning ad.
  • The advertiser of the winning ad has to pay the second-highest bid here.

Basic terms on Amazon PPC

Before you move ahead with the Amazon PPC, it is highly recommended that you get fully aware of the basic terms in detail. It will help you in knowing about the overall process of the Amazon PPC perfectly. The main terms being used in Amazon PPC are:

Basic terms on Amazon PPC


What is ACoS?

ACoS is an acronym being used for Advertising Costs of Sales. ACoS simply means how much money you are spending on advertising in terms of per dollar revenue you are making. In simpler words, you can also relate it to the ratio of ad spend in contrast with the target sales made. 

What is the impact of high and low ACoS?

ACoS is a very important factor one needs to keep in mind whenever it comes to Amazon PPC. It is a key metric that helps in getting absolute information related to one’s Amazon advertising strategy. It is the measure of success that helps in deciding how much you can bid on these terms.

In case your ACoS is higher than that of the overall profit margin, it simply means that you are spending more money than you are making. It is an indication that your Amazon ad campaign is losing money at that time.

In case your ACoS is lower than that of your profit margin, it simply means that you are earning more money than what you are spending which further represents you are making profits.


What is RoAS?

RoAS is an acronym being used for Return on Ad Spend. It is one of the most important factors of Amazon PPC that is usually termed as the key performance indicator in online and mobile marketing also. RoAS simply means the amount of revenue that is being earned in response to every dollar spent on the Ad campaign. RoAS is usually calculated as the total conversion value divided by the advertising costs. 

What is the impact of high and low RoAS? 

RoAS is one of the important factors of Amazon PPC that allows businesses to evaluate the effectiveness of individual campaigns as per their performance. It is the best thing one could do to find out the types of ads that are doing well and hence can work accordingly for maximizing the results.

As the name is describing it well, “Return on Ad Spend” higher RoAS value is usually supposed to be good. It simply means that you are making profits in your business. But if the RoAS value for your Amazon PPC is low, it means that you are earning less on Ad Spend.

Acos and Roas

Profit Margin

Profit margin is the seller’s actual profit and is usually defined as the percentage of revenue the company retains as income after deducting the overall expenses. As per a survey conducted, the majority of the Amazon sellers i.e. about 68% do have margins of more than 10% and that is a good number.

Break-even ACoS

Break-even ACoS is usually defined as the point where you start making profits or losses depending upon the advertising you have to choose. Higher ACoS than that of your profit margins indicates your losses while making advertising whereas lower ACoS indicates your profit margins while making advertising. 

Amazon Ad Revenue

Amazon Ad Revenue is the revenue being generated by running ads on Amazon. 

Amazon Paid Search

Amazon paid search is an assistance that is usually used for bypassing the harder to control organic metrics to the top of the search results. As the name is describing it well, it is a paid process that helps you in ranking up there on the top search results. The availability of the Amazon paid search helps users in acquiring more control over the search consoles and rank their products on the top page. 

Types of Amazon PPC Ads

Whether you are a newbie or an experienced Amazon seller, growing sales is one of the major concerns everyone looks forward to. But how to do that?

It is a major concern that every amazon seller faces. If you are also willing to increase your sales at Amazon, you must use Amazon PPC, and before using that you must know the kinds of Amazon PPC Ads over there. 

Amazon PPC offers three main types of ad campaigns such as:

Sponsored Products Ads

These are pay-per-click advertising campaigns that usually appear in the search results and the product listing page. The best thing about the sponsored product ads is that they closely resemble the organic listings. It is one of the most commonly used Amazon PPC adoptions in the list that is currently being used by most of the third party sellers at Amazon. 

These types of ads usually use keywords and products specifically targeting individual products. The sponsored ads products usually appear on the search results page or in the carousel on the product detailing page. 

The sponsored product ads depend upon the two types of keyword targeting strategies. Where the automatic strategy involves targeting keywords for determining Amazon’s algorithm related to the product listing, the manual targeting involves the hand-selected keywords that one wants to bid in. These types of keywords usually appear on the shopper’s search terms especially when it matches perfectly to the searched keywords. 

Product Display Ads
product display ads on amazon

The product display ads are the one that helps in sending shoppers to the amazon product detail pages. These types of ads are usually quite effective in delivering relevant ads on Amazon and external websites to the shoppers who are searching for specific products on Amazon. 

These types of ads are quite effective in targeting the customers who have visited a product detail page. The same is applicable for both on and off Amazon services. These ads can effectively appear on Amazon’s affiliate sites. The only thing that one needs to have for utilizing the same effect is a registered brand.

Headline Search Ads or Banner Ads
headline search ads amazon

Headline Search Ads are also known as Sponsored Brand Ads. These are the Amazon ads option that is being designed to help sellers in driving awareness towards more than a  product at a time and for catching shoppers’ eye effectively.

The ads are quite effective and provide more robust visuals. Sellers are provided with three different formats to choose from. When clicked these ads usually navigate the users to the products detail page.

In-depth Competitor Keyword Research

Keyword research especially for the competitor’s website is one of the major aspects of any SEO campaign. Competitors’ keyword research makes it easier for the users to find out the gaps and content topics you are missing on. It is a chance that helps one in knowing what their competitors are doing online. Competitor keyword research is the best thing one could do to learn about the success of your competitors and it also helps you in learning about their mistakes. 

Competitor Keyword Research

Competitor keyword research is quite helpful in determining the kind of strategies that are working well in that particular niche and what one needs to do for differentiating themselves from their competitors. 

It gets quite easier for the person to drive the relevant keywords in their preferable websites who are driving more traffic. It is highly recommended to opt for those strategies and keywords for improving the traffic of your website or for gaming competitive advantage.

Negative Keyword Implementation

Negative keyword implementation is also quite effective in improving traffic and sales. These are the options that help users in excluding different search terms effectively from an Amazon PPC campaign. The negative keyword implementation helps users in focusing only on the keywords that matter to the customers. Better will be your targeting and putting an ad in front of the interested users higher will be the returns on investments.

Amazon PPC Campaign

If you are willing to run a successful Amazon PPC Campaign, the main thing you should need to work on is a perfect strategy. If you are a newbie and don’t know much about it, here is the detailed process for you.

Sponsored Products

It is a varied type of Amazon ad campaign that includes manual, automatic, and product targeting. Sponsored products come up in three different formats and are:

Sponsored brands

As per the in-depth research and reviews being available on the different products we can conclude that the sponsored brands option is good for all of the existing brands, new products even those without brands names. It is one of the most effective and most popular ad campaigns that provide the product display in the search results or product listing pages just like the organic listings do. The strategy works on two factors such as automatic targeting and manual targeting.

Sponsored Brand Video Ad

It is a great Amazon PPC campaign option that suits the requirements of the branded products especially those with a distinguishable brand name. The Amazon PPC campaign option helps sellers in driving more awareness for more than one product at a time through attractive visuals. Users here can opt for the video option for making the headline banners even more effective.

Sponsored Display Ad

The Amazon PPC Campaign is a great option only for branded products with brand names. The campaign is quite effective in targeting the customers who already have visited some product display pages. These ads are usually displayed on the affiliate websites of Amazon such as Google, Facebook, Netflix, and much more.

Campaign Bidding Strategy

We owe to provide a campaign bidding strategy to our readers where they can opt for the automatic section for automatic targeting sponsored product ads. There are three different types of campaign bidding strategies that work for the automatic targeting sponsored product ads and that are:

Dynamic bids – down only

Amazon PPC is being designed in such a way that it lowers the bids in case of fewer sales in real-time. These bids prevent your ads from flashing on irrelevant product searches.

Dynamic bids – up and down

In case the automatic targeting of sponsored products is likely to convert, Amazon PPC works smartly and increases the bid by 10%.

Fixed bids

As the name is describing it well, these bids are usually set by the users and Amazon can’t change them, unless or until you select to adjust them. 

Adjust bids by placement

Adjusting bids by placement helps users in setting bid multipliers between 0% and 900 % for sponsored products. Amazon PPC offers users the freedom of adjusting bids for automatic targeting of sponsored products ads through two different types such as:

Top of search

It is one of the most converting and competitive ad pavement options that helps in displaying the services in the first two listings of Amazon SERP.

Product Pages

These are sponsored product placements that are being done on the product details pages and for all of the no-search placement options such as add to cart page.

What are the requirements we need from our clients to run Amazon PPC ads?

Setting up a perfect Amazon PPC strategy is something that needs to be done for running a successful ad campaign on Amazon. We owe to run the best Amazon PPC ads to our clients, but before going further with it, we highly require a very few things from our client’s side and that are:

Monthly budget

Not everything comes up in the same budget and the same thing is there with the Amazon ad campaign as well. Your monthly budget makes it easier for us to set our goals and to check out the different requirements perfectly. You can easily call us or can even email us to know our charges.

Break-even ACoS

We are eager to know about your break-even ACoS so that we can set our goals accordingly and try to introduce different factors in our segment to reach your expected ACoS.

Expected ACoS

Make sure to provide your expected ACoS in advance so that we could effectively include different tools and can set our priorities and strategies accordingly. It will help us in meeting up your expected profit margins without any issues. 

Our package includes

We serve a complete package of Amazon PPC to our clients where they can enjoy different services like:

Smart PPC Campaign Setup and Management

We set up and manage a smart PPC campaign so that we could effectively meet our goals. Our experienced professionals are well aware of the different factors of the Amazon PPC services and hence try to include the related tools accordingly.

On-going Campaign Management

We provide perfect management services to our customers that will take care of the ongoing campaign conveniently. 

Product listing suggestions

We not only help our customers by following up on their priorities but we also try to include some amazing and best product listing suggestions to our services if required.

Campaign Management & Optimisation

We owe to provide absolute campaign management and optimization daily so that our clients could remain updated with the ongoing growth.

Weekly Reports

It’s our client’s right to know what’s going on in their ad campaigns and to fulfill that goal we try to provide weekly reports to them without any failure. These reports are usually shared every Wednesday.

Monthly reports

The monthly reports include the work progress that has been achieved during the entire month. The monthly reports are usually being delivered to our clients on the 5th of every month.

24/ 7 Customer Support through Skype

Each of our customers is equally precious to us. It’s our duty and responsibility that we serve them with the best only. Customer satisfaction is our success and to meet that goal we provide 24 /7 customer support through Skype to them. One can easily call our custom team any time of the day and can get an answer to their queries without any issues.

Why should we try Amazon PPC?

Amazon PPC is the best possible thing one can do for improving Amazon sales. A perfectly managed and well-optimized Amazon PPC campaign helps in boosting the product’s visibility and sales. It boosts up the product’s organic ranking and hence ensures long-term success for the users.

Outcomes or results from amazon PPC

Amazon PPC is a great option for boosting overall sales. The users have to pay here for the sales they made through Amazon PPC. The best thing here is that you don’t have to pay for the impressions. Amazon PPC is a great option for all those who are currently willing long term success without any failure.

Final Words

Well, it is all about Amazon PPC. It is quite hard to beat up the world competition at Amazon without taking the help of Amazon PPC. It is a perfect way to boost the visibility of your product or services and later sales. We have tried to introduce the different aspects of the Amazon PPC here in this content so that it would become easier for you to know about these wonderful services in detail. If you still have any queries left, we welcome you to ask for the same in our comment section.